• sehersayed 5w

    Some days I am out of imagination, some days I am out of words and some days I am out of time.
    Some days I have thought of something to write but by the time the chance comes, I have already forgotten what it was or am so exhausted that I just want to hit the bed next to my two little babies who kept me on my toes all day.
    Some days when they are fast asleep, I just want to lie in bed and think about everything that happened that day and every thing happening in life at the moment.
    Some days I worry for the future.
    Some days I cry over the past.
    Some days I think I'm just grateful for another day. Another day with my loved ones. Another chance at making things better. Another chance to experience the most real, most humane emotions one has.

    And I am grateful to all the people who put up with me. My family. My friends. My blog readers. My instagram followers. Every single one who takes the time to tell me what I write clicks with them. That they can relate and connect to my words. Thank you to all those who just dm me to find out if I'm okay and keeping well.

    That is enough motivation for me to carry on.
    One day at a time