• nitibha_subha 9w

    Who hurts you? Your friend, love or environment ?

    It's you hurting yourself.
    You know they changed, they don't want you, they don't value you.
    But you want them. That hurts...
    You not gonna nothing ..
    But you expect, your own expectations hurts you. Not them..
    They not gonna value you.
    But you will cry.. That hurts..
    They not gonna understand you.
    But you explain.. That hurts...
    They don't want to spend time with you.
    But you want to spend rest of your life with them. That hurts...
    Know your own value.. Don't blame others..
    It's you... Until you don't allow someone to hurt you .. You will not get hurt..
    So, don't give chance to others to hurt you.