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    Our body are made  of cells.antigens can affect gene expression of cells .Antigens binds to the gene wherein the gene gets mutated and it leads to cancer. Cancer affects various parts of the body . Cancer is abnormal growth of cells . Genes are made up of cells. Antigens can alter the gene expression in the body.Mutated genes are hereditary. When mutated genes are passed from parents to offspring it leads to various diseases.Cancer is hereditary and it is caused due to mutated gene expression. Gene expression is the formation of protein from DNA. Mutated gene expression can lead to cancer. Gene expression is formation of protein from DNA. Gene can be mutated due to environmental factors or due to exposure to radiations. Gene expression is formation of DNA from protein. Human leucocyte assay by polymeraSe chain reaction can be used to determine mutated gene expression. Antigens bind to antibodies by which antibodies can be Mutated.