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    **Dedicated to all of you lovely Mirakeens.**


    Disclaimer: The post doesn't intend to crticise any other social platform. It's sole perspective of the author. Thank you.

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    **Thank You**

    Between reading each other's write ups,
    Between understanding each other's feels,
    Between compassion of hearts
    of unknown faces, even at two ends of the world.
    Somehow, slowly, swiftly,
    it brought us all together,
    Whether the earth was round or flat,
    it surely felt much smaller
    More than any other social platform ever did.
    'coz in them are fake smiles,
    and in here are real emotions.
    'coz in them are pompous celebrations,
    and in here are healthy happy hearts.
    And for many of us,
    Now loneliness is just another word.
    And we have found our solace, our haven,
    between a sea of faces unknown, yet so familiar.
    On behalf of everyone-
    Thank you Mirakee/Miraquill.
    Nd Thank you all of you lovely Mirakeens/Miraquilleans.