• pranavfcb_10 9w

    The rainbow land

    In a world full of Romeo and Juliet,
    Or Elizabeth Bennett and Darcy.
    This world forgot Elio and Oliver.
    While he held her hand freely, the other had to be scared to show it publicly.
    Only if this place were a rainbow land, where like the colors of rainbow merged with each other so well.
    A rainbow land where, love was never defined, rather embraced. Because love is union of two souls, which would stand even the strongest of the storms.
    A rainbow land where, he held his hand freely and she could kiss her without any fear.
    For love they live, for love they die.
    And yet they go unnoticed in the dark shadows of society.
    If only this place were a rainbow land, where love was accepted in all the shades and shapes it came in.
    Open the doors to this rainbow land, because even if he loves him, or she loves her,
    in the end a human loved human.