• miss_dreamer 9w

    When people around u, r not gud,
    Don't spoil ur mood soon

    I know...
    Its difficult to be in that circle ,
    Where People r busy in other people .

    Their life is restricted to gossips and murmuring,
    But u should just focus on giving your life a meaning.

    Let them live in their fake world,
    U stay busy in creating ur own world.

    Don't mind if they talk shit for hours
    U know ..u have to go soo far...

    They don't mind being in the same place,
    But u know u wanna experience every phase.

    Let them think being slaves they are cool,
    Just remember u just wanna rule.

    Time will show them true reality,
    U don't waste ur time on such mentality.

    Just because of their limited vision,
    U must not forget ur mission.