• gr8biglil 10w


    Why do some tear us apart,
    Why is it different from the start.
    Why do some not see the pain they put us through,
    Why cant they say what they're gonna do.
    Some lie to save people's feelings,
    But when you lie it's a heart you're stealing.
    Some cry they're self to sleep at night,
    Praying one day they'll see light.
    A dark world in which they live,
    Always take and never give.
    Maybe one day you'll get some rest,
    Or is this all just a test.
    All we have in life is just a little hope,
    When all we can do is turn to dope.
    That is the only way to cope,
    This is real life shit not a day time soap.
    So when it feels like there's nothing left to do,
    Just remember I love you.