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    Tried to write something as suggested by mirakee for a contest. Not a part of the contest but writing is not only bound by that is it?

    Trying to get in touch with my inner writer. A like, share, commenting your suggetions and follow will act as a support to me and will encourage me to write more�� thank you for taking out your time to read it and I am grateful to you all!

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    All my life I've looked at words as though they are just a bunch of expressions, to communicate, to convey and to create sentences about different and innumerable topics. Little did I know that conveying, communicating and creating are heavy works and adding expressions and emotions to that is way tougher. Now that I have sat pondering about what I really thought of words when I first saw them, I guess I felt, why words are called words. The word "word" itself is a word as well!

    As I grew up, words became an important aspect of my life. Not only in my academic arena, but also in my day to day life because it is only words that help me to express my emotions that remain unsaid, even though said things are also made up of words. Altogether, now, I look at words as a form of amazement, how they come in all shapes and sizes, with complicated, heavy and light meanings, changing their respective meanings with respect to contexts and expressions...with endless possibilities and interpretations.

    Words really astound me, surprise me pleasantly.