• george_v_joseph 34w

    True story, pal... No fabrications
    Fresh out of todays mind

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    Damaged Mind

    Woke up around 1
    Text messages popping up
    Like a library of torn books and pages.
    I scroll the notifications
    There's an unknown number
    With over 36 messages.
    I don't know the number but I recognise
    the Beautiful face I hadn't seen since ages!

    She goes on
    Of how it's been too long!
    How what happened was wrong!
    How it was time to bring us back
    And how she really misses and wonders where I'm at.
    How life is deprived of real friends,
    How she misses my love and how I used to follow her scent!
    Like a wolf and the moon who broke out and went seperate ways.
    Ending the chat by sayin she wanted us back and she was ready to debate.

    I was troubled..
    I thought about the years that I had to struggle in vanity.
    I thought about the tears that I shed to double my insanity.
    I thought if I could let go of the darkness
    To be with her light again.
    I thought if I could rejuvenate the light to see her
    not just in the ink of my pen.
    And this wasn't the end.
    Part of me hated what I was feeling
    Abandonment, contempt and pain that couldn't be measured!
    But a larger part of me was glad the lost love
    was found again like a treasure..
    I was so happy I got up to call her up
    And the phone was ringing ...
    That's when I woke up all over again
    Realising I was just dreaming...