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    I don't want the same thing to happen with someone else. If you ever face the same situation and feel like no one is there to listen to you. Do remember I'm there��. Comment down. I'm right here. I'll listen to you no matter what.☺

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    Bad Phase

    I was going through a very bad phase, a phase where I needed someone to just listen to me, someone in front of whom I could cry like a baby, but guess what, I had none. I used to have so many friends sometime back in the past that I had hardship in even counting them, and almost everyone of them promised to stay when I needed them but when it was the time to prove that right I could find no one by my side. No one. I cried all alone. And this made me meet the one who is the closest to me and i.e. 'me'. All I realised was that I have no one who can understand me. But it's okay. I'm there for myself.