• believersrejoice 6w

    This is one of the hard lessons, that may not be understood, but in my quiet time, it's the one that speaks to me the loudest. It might be hard to relate to this lesson, but there may also be some, at least one, that can understand, these words :)

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    Lessons #101

    Through this tough struggles, betrayals, losses, and even failures, brought me into some of the most rewarding times in my life. There was so many parts of me that was naive and without understanding, having my trust broken, was where I learn who to put my trust in, God. I was loving someone with all my heart, and having them take advantage of that love, brought me to realize, all my heart only belongs to One, God. It was relying on people, a friend to come through only to be let down, is when I learn to look to God, instead of men. It was in my falls, where I realize I carried a Strength within me to get back up. Can you just think about the worst day in the world, three days later brought the best day to the entire universe and everyone in it!
    My adversities were blessings in disguise, whereby, I didn't see it, or realize it. When my eyes became open to this fact, it took the bitterness and hurt away, because there is no rainbow without ran. And yes, all was used for the benefit of me.
    As we journey through this life, to get to the promise land. There's valleys, mountains, hills, and in these adversities they are building in us faith, perseverance, endurance, and most all developing a strong intimate relationship and trust in God. We are learning the trust in anything in this life is useless if God isn't in it.
    You are equipped to make it to your promise land, for the One that lives in you, WILL NEVER FAIL!