• prathibha_wordslover 5w

    A poem I wrote in my 10th grade - "Kaun Banega Crorepati?!"

    The silver screen is in a buzz,
    The viewers unmindful of the elapsing time,
    Never minding their whole day's strenuous activity,
    Arrive sharply at nine, before the enthralling box.
    To gaze at the striking show KBC,
    And its charismatic, elegant and refined host.
    He, with his rhetorical language,
    Make each contestant reverie,
    Of his own Eldorado and Benz.
    The rival channels move promptly,
    Making new and different shows,
    Trying to emulate the original version,
    Attracting the poor viewers,
    With more sophisticated gifts.
    Yet, on the move,
    Only the original remains,
    Prominent and emirating.
    Three cheers for KBC!!!