• bint_e_nadeem 22w

    Assalam-o-Alikum dear brothers and sisters.
    Have a look at it, In Sha Allah you are gonna like it.

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    In the darness of night
    When there's neither bow nor kite
    Whole the world is a darkness's bite
    I am alone under His sight
    Where no humane can see me
    All have gone even the bee
    I can feel someone talking to me
    Someone, revealing the dept of knight
    Someone, revealing the dept of fight
    Someone, revealing the dept of right
    And someone, revealing the dept of life
    I kept on listening it for a very long time
    That silent voice mingled with my thoughts rhyme
    That night was soon over as lighted was my mind
    I thank His voice which was soft and kind
    I took a turn that one night but not my life
    Because life changes when thee put one's self under the danger of knife
    The new era was full of thouhts like blooming flowers
    What my heart soul and mind needed was someone who would empower
    Me, myself and my family at large
    And we all really got a charge!
    Thanks to the loneliness he granted me
    Otherwise in the hereafter I would be paying a high fee