• bobbycneis 23w

    Look to the sky for your light

    Aurora Borealis,Will o the Wisp you're the secret light that whispers like this

    this wind I once felt, Summer Breeze across skin, and pain no longer existed within me

    freed broke the chains of the person I used to be
    all because your light shined bright through the cracks to my eternity

    watercolors that we mix in each other that paint is unique
    and I chose the brush when my light simply became too weak

    Northern Lights, city bright and the life I see in your eye
    is like hundreds of baskets with lit candles lifting into the morning sky

    High and you are the cloud named 9 cuz I counted to 10 again but kept stopping where you start in my mind

    letters written while fireworks display in the background
    sound of thunder, but you're the wonder that keeps me looking to the sky for light each night.