• joyram 9w

    After all.....

    After sipping a hot tea in the morning
    After skipping the day's exercise later
    After having the nutritious breakfast
    After chatting and forwarding msgs
    After enjoying the sumptuous lunch
    After having the small post-lunch nap
    After sipping another cup of hot T
    After watching some lousy TV shows
    After meddling cell phone for updates
    After relishing the hot evening snacks
    After going out with friends for some fun
    After updating the day's events thru TV
    After ensuring again, cell phone is in hands
    After another round of WhatsApp update
    After completing the formality of supper
    After viewing TV for more boring shows
    After the last minute updates of Facebook
    After going to bed, thinking next day plans
    After verifying that cell phone is by bedside
    After closing eyes after12 in the midnight
    After all what is the big thing we have done?