• ygtbae 5w


    Talk a lot about peace, when we devided amongst ourselves.
    Police brutality ,as if they not our very own.
    Forefathers fought for this but it seems that it was all in vein
    Blood was shed to get freedom.
    Now its being shed to benefit a few.
    Majority suffering at the hands of the merciless leaders.
    The "majority rule" is all but a name now. Vanished.
    A "people" who can be drawn in a single picture becoming a problem for the whole population.
    Minority is the new definition of a nation
    When you command,when you raise the thick stick,when you pull the trigger...do you all of a suddenly forget you too are flesh and blood?
    Do you suddenly forget you come from a place with people?
    Think about it.Don't those little children deserve to live too?
    Don't those mothers deserve to hold their children.
    Lives matter,you wanna spill blood build a brood ,go hunt.
    What can't be talked out that you had to take life?