• priya_pradhan 11w


    Happy family, perfect couple
    Is only decorated in wedding album,
    The love he shared earlier
    Unfortunately shall never come.

    The reality is something else
    And our togetherness is a dream,
    The way memories scattered
    Is more painful and here I scream.

    There is demon
    Reflecting within him,
    Here each second is a punishment
    Which turns my day so grim.

    He pulls my hair
    He slaps my face,
    He chokes me all time
    And my wedding life has become a mess.

    He beats me
    Till I mourn in pain,
    He punishes me with whip
    Not to make mistake again.

    He curse my dad
    For the level I belong,
    He shatters my flesh
    Even if he is wrong.

    Sometimes he is ohk
    And everything goes fine,
    But the demon in him
    Rise again with time.

    I wish it is my fallacy
    From which I can escape,
    But my bloody flesh is a true witness
    That in his cruelty, I'm firmly drapped.

    Bloody-running blood
    Mourn-feeling of sorrow