• rozettia_ 5w

    Do you know about invisible cry,
    That flow from eye
    Wet but dry.

    Getting lost from the world
    Somewhere away, somewhere far ;
    Like the faded rose.
    When the pastels also move away ;
    On their way,
    So where far,
    Where they meet never after.

    Where dark shadows and,
    Souls have to be loved ;
    Am going there to be losted forever.
    Like the pastels move away ;
    On their way
    Somewhere far
    When ythey never meet after.

    I know you were not the one,1
    Who spoiled me.
    I was the one who did ;
    The fault of getting spoiled
    Being on you.
    Now, am changed,
    Moving away like the patels
    Move away,
    Somewhere far,
    When they the patels never meet after.

    Now did you remember ;
    The invisible cries
    That fall from eyes
    Wet but get dries ?

    - Tiasha D.



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    #love #thoughts


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    Like the patels

    // like my words plant gardens of love
    Like that, your lie can burn down every single flower of my heart //

    -Tiasha D.