• ram_vaishnavi 22w

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    It has been months since I met and moved on as you wished . And all these months I was quite good on focussing things to divert myself when our memories . But today I admit . Today when my eyes met yours , my feet remained still and I stopped moving. The place started to blur and I could see only your eyes . I couldn't hear any of the sounds as my heart was beating fast and loudly. I hate that moment! I pretended as if nothing happened but failed badly. My brain restored all the loveliest moments from the trash and my eyes flashed the so-called-lovely moments in a second. My ears played all the words of yours from ' I wanna be with you ' to ' Goodbye'.
    And there you stood with no guilt in your eyes.
    With full happiness you stood with your girl - your so-called-soulmate . I had no clue how can you move that fast from our memories and recreate the same lovely moments by replacing me with someone else . But thanks to the God for making me see you today so even those left over love and possessiveness started to volatilize as I silently saw you being slipped away into someone else's embrace.

    ยฉram_vaishnavi 13 June 2018