• alston 5w

    Why did you do this?

    My heart feels heavy and I won't lie.
    There's enough tears shed and now I won't cry.

    I just wish that you'd never hide.
    But that now you've done it I had to decide.

    Baby this ain't about you, it's about me.
    Now that I'm not chained, I can say I'm free.

    Soo free that I've lost my soul and my smile.
    I don't want to regret, but I should have contacted you for a while.

    Was it my anger and tone that made you do this?
    Or was it the lack of calls I couldn't help with?

    I prayed to God for you every single Day,
    I don't think there's time for reasoning, nothing's ever going to be okay.

    Was it my Nature that you were addicted to?
    or was it the way I always treated you?

    To all these questions I wish I'd find my answer.
    And to all this pain, there is a lack of laughter.

    I never did you wrong, so it's the moments we shared together that I'll always miss.
    My hearts broken and it can't be replaced asking just one question... why did you do this?