• jess4j 5w

    Gimmicky tale..

    This girl came around late june,
    but no one knew soon she'll turn into a prune.
    Indeed she grew up just like any other girl,
    nonetheless , she was an authentic pearl.
    She has a secret tussle in her animation,
    faltering, her childhood, in substantial damnation.
    That irksome personality of her made people go fanatic,
    furthermore made her feel emphatic.
    Finally, that turn about came,
    precisely that wasn't her aim.
    That flip flop, perhaps, was deity's scheme,
    to alter her nastiness into a ever shining gleam.
    And there she was, completely newfangled,
    though not so awe inspiring, however, bespangled.
    But.. Hey.. Holdback...
    There's something unalike,
    for others, it was mislike.

    There wasn't any monobrow shaped like a bow,
    not even had deep looking fish shaped eye to make the fondness for her avow.
    Accurately, that damsel ain't had narrower facial shape,
    apparently, she had a fugly nose which turned out to be a jape.
    Further, she missed small round rosy lip,
    but owned drab ears which never fit.
    And the clear meagreness of curved figure,
    and the stout body entirely made her look disfigure.
    The teeny weeny height of hers,
    and the curt hair, however, concurs.
    And ultimately the grim like neck,
    with the smile like a heck,
    reduced her personality to a smouldering wreck.

    For others, this gimmicky tale wasn't toothsome,
    but never made her feel gruesome..