• amitchettrikhardka 5w

    The Dual Voice

    The dual voice is what he hears
    In a place so dark and cold
    One calls to fight the dark
    While other ask him to surrender.
    He's tired, too tired of these voice within
    But also is afraid to scream them loud.

    He's afraid , he's courageous to fight ,
    But he's still confused where and how?
    The Voice of surrender tries to win this time again so,
    There's no doing nothing as of now but his love for the darkness is spreading more,
    Making his smile not his anymore.

    The Fight voice tries talking to him
    But the voice of Dark pleases him, where
    He sees no hope in himself
    And he cant see his path further,
    What only he feels is that dark voice is friend who always wins him
    And that little secrets will always protect him.

    But you

    Go, go talk to him,
    Listen to what his voices within are upto,
    Don't let the voices only surround in him
    Dont let dark spread in him anymore and Dont leave him there alone
    He surely will come to you,
    Cause he still expects someone to call
    Where this dual voices is making him fall.