• nifesthoughts 14w


    How many times do we have to tell you animals!
    Don't you have any regrets each day of what you do!
    I can't do anything to save my kind, but I write to your kind everyday it's so sad!
    Why can't I walk on the street without being scared?
    That's Cause I see you there.

    You pin me down!
    Your hands over my mouth, no way to breath in air.
    You become so wild and dangerous I so fear,
    And like an animal you hurt me harshly!

    Don't you see
    Can't you see, how bad I want this to end?!
    Look at me! Don't you understand?
    I hate what you do to me!
    You irritate me with your acts, and I can't do anything to fight.
    Which is why I write to you everyday,
    Hoping that someday, one-day, you'll listen to my voice!
    And that when you do! You change for good.