• bleakshadow 6w

    One Monday

    It was a typical winter morning, January making everyone feel its arrival. She woke up at 6:57 like every day, walked up to the side of the table in her room where she kept her slippers pointed towards the table every night. She wore them and went off to bathe. She tried to open the door of her room by moving the handle exactly 5 times. Not more not less. That day the door was a bit tight, the number hit 6 and her heart sank.

    She walked up to her washroom, did her routine exactly the same way she did it every morning. Her mind had started to boil like a pot full of assorted vegetables. Only this time the stew she was making was overcooked.

    She got out of the shower, yet she felt as if she was marinated in the dirt. She knew what was coming next so she sat down on the ground. As soon as she hit the floor, her heart exploded, and the dam in her eyes flooded. She could feel the walls closing in. She couldn't catch her breath. At that moment she wanted to let go. Let go of herself. She played there on the ground looking at the clothes she peeled of her body, reminding herself to not wear the combination of the t-shirt and the lower again as it made her cry in the morning.

    She got dressed, applied some makeup to hide the episode she just witnessed. She gathered all her supplies. Her bag was in place, her planner updated, she kept the things exactly where they were supposed to be. It was almost as if she had a blueprint in her mind. The only thing she was happy about was that she has cried for the day, now she can go forth expecting absolutely nothing from the world. At least for that day.

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