• atanumahanty 6w

    She refuses to comply,
    Everytime I turn away.
    She implores "No..no..no..."
    The more I explain.
    The night is gone,
    And the lights have dimmed.
    She looks at me and implores "No..no...no..."
    She refuses to comply.
    Exhausted and weary,
    In a crazy gust of wind.
    The spring hastens,
    Through flower bushes...
    The more I insist, I should be leaving
    She stands at the doorway and
    Implores "No...no..no..."
    She refuses to comply.
    I am loosening the strings.
    And excuse for you to leave.
    Its good if u recollect...
    Who first, turned back to see...
    The lines of fate
    In the years gone by held us together.
    In habits that refuse to die
    Numb hearted......
    Like a dead river in winter.
    I m walking away from you,
    Leaving you behind.
    Why call out to me in this manner?
    Your anger scared me.
    You broke down inside,
    While holding back the tears.
    It may be forgotten
    But what do you lose instead?
    Will old habits return?
    Numb hearted,
    Like a dead river in winter.