• fionafox 22w


    Precious mint green,
    rosy blush and dour, periwinkle blue -
    wash the souls of weighted kicks
    while marionettes dance to the shadow’s tune.

    Smoke surrounded - the floodgates signal
    gray skies till scraping stones turn up ahead.
    Empty doorways, starless night -
    see that Luna pulses bright.
    Her dark side weeps,
    havoc seeks - the sphere of life is dim.
    The devil’s kiss ignites a shriek,
    the birds watch, musing,
    in paralyzed reverie.

    The mortals - weak -
    marching like sheep,
    dancing with Envy, Lilith, and Greed.
    They offer regret as a drag of resent -
    mint green offers up her black sizzling cup
    overflowing with jewels that roll off her tongue
    and drip down her chin with the words that she’s spun
    into blushing and blue, oozing bitter green -
    speckled with orange,
    she ties off the seam.

    The demon spits black
    and smashes her fists -
    the groom plucks the strings attached to your wrists.
    His laugh sends a chill that creeps beneath your spine -
    it sends your head spinning as you scream towards the sky.