• rasibwrites 6w

    Has it ever happened that everything that you thought fraudulent and a glimpse changed your mindset. The things which you thought are waste now you too believe in them. "Yes", i have been a victim of it. I have gone there unintentionally but, came back with the different way. I can't define the way she was, unseen before, in this western culture. Usually people fall in love with the looks, or something else but in this case it is not that way. In her, i saw the innocence flowing like a river and honestly saying i had never seen it before. She was like bolt from the blue. I don't even remember the name of the fair pretty girl, everytime i think of her, somehow it's killing me inside but who could listen my inmost feelings?
    This question sometimes leads me to the bewilderment. Would fortune let me meet her again?
    Coincidently or predictably . All i can do is to wait, wait and wait. It could be difficult for me to forget some sparks of her alluring face. She had her head scarved, her face glowing because of her faith. I coincidently gazed at her but, she didn't even took her head up. Perhaps, that was the reason why i fell in, which i always dreamed someone with beautiful attires, modest, having faith, scarved face, innocent, religious, unpretentious, humble, sincere.
    She made me dumb as a post, betook my breath by the way she was. I could hardly remember her face, because i too didn't look with the wrong intentions.