• akash_bentur 5w


    Are the pillars of the nation, strong ?
    Watering them by cash then isn't it wrong ?
    Passing a file costs too much of dough
    Getting a sufficient salary even though !
    Online is the service but offline is the corruption
    "Gabbar ayega.." he cant deal with this perception
    Blood boils more than what water does
    Government is never tierd of promising us
    These are mosquitoes but are of different type
    Thier work are as same as that of crime but not of a type
    Its he(citizen) who pays you high
    For your labelled legal poison to die
    You(politicians) are of his level only for a day
    He has spent entire life, thinking how should tax be paid
    Developed is not country and neither he
    Knowledge is of name sake, Education in our country doesn't teach where to pee
    Youth is washing thier hands with drugs
    Education is a new business
    We blame the mind set of people, and forget that its we .....