• raging_ripples 10w

    My Bed

    You are always here,
    When I dive into layers of inner musings,
    Conjuring up threads of bewitching images,
    You carried me with your caressing hands,
    And mused along with me like the comrade you are,

    You are always here,
    When my joy break through bounds,
    I roll at top you like crazy,
    Clutching my pillows,
    Laughing loudly,
    I heard you chuckling at my antics,
    And giving me your tender embrace,

    You are always here,
    When my heart aches for a touch,
    And my tears wouldn't stop,
    When my future seemed bleak,
    When I couldn't breathe through my pain,
    Your soothing presence healed,
    You let me rely on you,
    Like no one else,
    You never turned back from my ramblings with disdain,
    You comforted me like a mother,
    Sang lullaby for me,
    Allowed me to fall asleep in your warmth,

    You never spoke a word,
    But I know you are here,
    With me,
    Like a benign shadow,
    You may be immobile and lifeless,
    But you have shown me kindness,
    More than I have seen around,
    So, you are valuable for me
    And you are my friend.
    -Suriya Krishna