• i_pst_58 5w

    Chaos of a juvenile

    Another instictive speculation of a juvenile
    Tons of thoughts revolving his mind
    For you it's just a balad, like a more than explicited for him

    A general interrogation ,"Composer of ours"chalk up his intellect. Each and every thought was parallel with this stuff

    Observing every aspect with a sight of mystery, Wasn't ready to accept the elimentry concept

    Was pretty amazed by "quota contraption" couldn't accept inimplemecy for immense entities
    Pretty confused at a duplex personality of fundamentals. Didn't get any Victory by relating in a normal life

    Yes, was an orthodox religious boy, finding science in each and every aspect of his life
    Wasn't accepted by "pseudo-believers" of his time had to left this kind of mind

    Left all the stuffs and was ready to renunciate his life, couldn't do so
    Forget all the lights to be forgotten by crowd
    Ready to waved his name in the publication if time

    Another instictive speculation of juvenile
    Wrote his chaotic years with revolution of thoughts in his mind