• undeadpoetdespair 5w


    Have my heart
    Have my brain
    My intestines
    Liver, lungs, spleen, too
    My stomach is yours if you want it
    To help you copy me better
    You can have the original
    If you are like me, then I refuse
    I'd rather be disemboweled
    Than resemble a monster like you

    My brown eyes, were made green by you
    Because you reflected them back at me
    So yellow, is the coward from the shadows
    So sad, blue you cried, I cried
    Red, my anger, but not anger, you lied
    I know myself, and I don't anger easily
    Black, I gave up, we died
    Now I'm back
    Death does stink
    The decaying of flesh
    Tickled, then tortured
    Reborn a grizzly pink