• spontaneous_flow_of_emotion 5w

    Read me like a poem.
    Read between the lines,
    Between my frizzy hair
    Spraying out of my head.
    Between the creases
    Round my eyes
    And the wrinkles
    On my nose,
    Between the freckles on my cheeks
    And the acne on my back.

    Study the bulge on my belly
    And the stretch marks on my thighs.
    Peruse the lines of my palm
    And the cracks in my heels.

    Pore over my scars and wounds.
    Hope your fingers don't tremble
    While your thumb skims over the gashes.
    Though the edges of my page
    Are frayed;
    They spill poignant poetry!
    #poems #poet #inspiration #confidence #scars #wounds #stopbodyshaming #mirakee

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    Read Me Like A Poem