• the_gladiator 21w


    Her vision is beyond the crimson seas
    and she walks on the untrodden ice,
    Her soul is an extension of a breeze,
    Her thoughts compels chaos to ease;

    She lingers like a calm covert rainbow,
    Hue and radiance come to her delight,
    I have attained a vibrant saturation now,
    My past was only black and blackish white;

    She sits on the sands of a silver beach,
    The tides are in love with her calm face,
    They crash madly for her slight attention,
    Wild lovers have their own untended ways;

    As for me I admire the thought of her,
    being closer to the closest proximity,
    If at all there is a way to show her how
    What kind of love is beyond Insanity.