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    When I was a little girl, my favourite nursery rhyme was ‘London bridge is falling down’, and I used to think that I will go to the London bridge when I grow up and see what is it made of that it keeps falling down (silly me, I know!). As I grew up, I understood the concept of that rhyme, but still I wanted to go there. I wanted to see the London Bridge, Buckingham Palace, London Eye, and most of all I wanted to study in England. After my graduation, I took up a job and started accepting that yes this is it, this is what I want and completely forgot about what I actually truly wanted. Then one fine day I got an email from one of my friends who was in the UK and he sent me some pictures of all those places where I wanted to go. That very instance, I realised that only dreaming for something is not enough, you need to work for it. What next! I enquired about UK universities and applied in some of them, got selected, flew there, studied there, worked there and visited all those places which I always dreamt of. Dreams do come true, at least for me they did because I worked hard for them to come true.
    “Dreams don’t work unless you do”
    – John C. Maxwell
    Dreams are not what we see while we sleep because they are not real. They are just the images in our sleepy mind. In true sense, a dream is what we see with our eyes open. Dream is what we aspire for. Dream is a wish that our heart makes. We, as kids had so many dreams and the list was endless. Then why do we stop dreaming when we grow up? Is it because we are afraid to dream, or is it because we start making compromises, or is it just because some people who could not fulfil their dreams talked us out of ours? I am not saying it is easy to accomplish your dreams or its a piece of cake, no its not! But if your dreams are mixed with determination and put into action then you will definitely taste success.
    “Don’t be pushed by your problems, be led by your dreams”
    – Ralph Waldo Emmerson
    Dreams act as inspiration when we are facing the lows of life. Dreams are our reason to keep going. They are what makes our lives worth living. If we don’t have dreams, there is nothing much that we have got. Who wants to spend 30 to 40 years of their lives doing something that they do not like? I am sure none of us wants that. Then why not take charge of our lives at this very moment and start living our dreams, get passionate about what we aspire for rather than doing something that we do not really enjoy. Your dreams might be big and they will even scare you at times. There will be time when people may laugh at your dreams or you might take more time to accomplish your dreams. But never ever ever give up on your dreams. Every new day is another chance for you to turn your dreams into reality. Never stop dreaming and most of all never stop believing yourself!


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