• just_myself 45w

    Soul of a Superstar

    The soul of a superstar
    Is lost in the crowd
    He found himself in.
    He is everywhere but no one
    Cares to know his real self.

    This soul gets so confused between
    The truth and lie because it is living in
    A world of illusion.

    A lovable illusion where
    The world around him
    Turns fake
    As the superstar in him grows.

    He knows this but
    Surrenders to the sweetness of it.
    Contradiction within self
    Results in friction deep inside

    Busy Hogging the limelight
    He created for himself,
    He becomes a slave for public approval

    Eternally, that some souls
    Forget that this is an illusion
    Built on an image
    Far from the truth

    Which is going to fade away with time..