• tschultz 10w

    This year has been tough. It was definitely one of the worst in my entire life. It got to a point where everything that was happening in my life needed to change. I broke up with my boyfriend who wasn't making me happy. I cut my hair short to try and make me feel pretty. I went to a new therapist to see if she could help me. I made friends with the people I always wanted to be close to. I stepped away from my fears and restarted writing. I changed the way I view life. But even then, I couldn't find any meaning for life. I started questioning every part of who I am and what I've been through.
    But I'm better now. Got myself away from what was making me feel wrong, got myself more confidence. I got up and did what I had to do with my life.
    That's it. Here I am, in this moment I know will change my life forever. Even if I'm not a hundred percent fine, I'm still better than yesterday, and isn't this how life works? Isn't it what make life worth it all?

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    This is it.
    Where life changes for the better.
    You just have to do what you know will help you get better, regardless your own fear.