• niki_ita 9w

    To The Guy Who Thinks He's Messy...

    I never imagined to meet you,
    But somehow we did,
    Life gives you surprises and surprise me it did,
    I gotta admit a really good surprise YOU
    You're funny, your cute,
    And the best part we have the same music preference,
    Also you don't treat my mood swings with indifference,
    You treat me with care,
    Nurture me with love,
    And day by day little by little,
    We're getting closer,
    We're growing together,
    Your making me imagine you as my lover,
    Your giving me hopes and making me believe in love again,
    God I gotta admit your making me fall for you, making my faith in love regain,
    So if I fall will you catch me?
    If I take this leap will you too?