• sandy_31 11w

    One day, he realised about his real worth.
    His value doesn’t only meant for just one story.
    Those actions were result of constant systematic believe,
    they are infinitely empowering.
    Key is towards his heart.
    He knew everything, he does what he does.
    He gives key of his heart,
    to people it doesn’t belong.
    People who were already broke.
    Maybe he will be distroyed and end up losing his energy.

    His mind knows this,
    but heart gives out another false story.
    Which starts from roses,
    and goes till glories.
    His mind knew exactly
    what brought those glories.
    Promises were kept undone,
    and those unmatchable stories.
    Mind says truth,
    but heart wispered another
    glorious false victory,
    which starts from words
    and leads to auspicious stories.
    He knew his worth,
    for what all to come.
    But time is something,
    which taught pain and numb
    for more to come and less to fit,
    time takes it all,
    from burden to every hurdle
    from heart to eyes.
    All things were lessons learned
    and all included in that one story.

    #selfpraising #poetry #writing #desire #want #time #calibre

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