• borderline_beauty 31w

    My sweet beautiful baby.
    Plays independently for the first time in days.
    No more retreat no more maybe...
    For we will be forever broken if he stays.

    Mom watches your pains
    The monster I saw grow in your head
    Your storm faltered, still it rains
    I'll hold you tight until the fear is shed

    I wish I could change this, but he will never.
    I know now that I must reject.
    A reality continuously rearranging forever.
    He will cry love but I have to object.

    We deserved better and I will be strong.
    He will never just walk away.
    This battles not over and the road is long.
    Damage done but we will be ok.

    No greater guilt than a mother abused
    Watching her behavior unfold
    She holds his hatred she is sad and confused.
    She ignores, lashes out, eyes grow cold.

    Turns red in anger, she hits me and screams.
    She breaks down over nothing then cries.
    Poor baby has nightmares not dreams.
    Her little mind draped in all daddy's lies.

    Resilient are children now she starts to heal.
    She is bubbly again how it should be.
    I know it takes time but this change is so real.
    My sweet little girl now carefree.

    No father is better than the one she had.
    I'm not perfect but my love is true.
    I am sorry for ever feeling sorry for dad.
    When I should have protected you.