• spoken_thoughts_kayteebugg 10w

    The girl had troubles only she could see,
    She had problems she wouldn't tell,
    She had issues that were very visible,
    She was wandering deeper in the depths of her mind,
    She was okay,
    Until she wasn't,
    She was happy,
    Until she got low,
    She saw beauty,
    But felt much pain,
    She was a healer,
    But she carried the damage,
    She had dreams,
    But never chased them,
    She had goals,
    But never reached them,
    She had motivation,
    But couldn't keep it,
    She has tears,
    But wont release them,
    Her heart is slightly broken,
    But she glues it together,
    Her mind is a mess,
    But just throws more in,
    Tries to stay grounded,
    But ends up slowly floating away,
    She was me,
    She still is me;