• ellie_may 23w

    Deny Me My Passion

    More and more I give away,
    And all without a selfish hast
    For what do I see inside myself
    Without those to be beside me.

    I hope to help without hopes to receive,
    My damaged shell resembles your wants
    Rather than my needs,
    What more am I to do with these

    Who leave me splintered
    As if l am but a disease,
    Only to spread and grow with ease
    I lay to thee my swollen heart

    Which holds such a passion
    That cannot be released,
    Wals these who keep me knee deep,
    Are those who try to let me stay in defeat.

    Oh how they mock
    And how they dance
    Upon what I wish to show
    Will be what I still struggle to comprehend,

    But they will not stop to wonder
    Why they must deny me my passion,
    Only that it threatens their stance.