• capriciousgiril 22w


    It's 3 years since we last met. I thought I would forget her but it is just so hard. Everything is just so messed up. Even when I am sitting here in peace near this beautiful lake ahh! Beautiful I named her beautiful. Look what was I here for and what am I doing. Focus jack focus.

    Deny me of what
    She said

    Nothing I just I want a break

    And that is why you promised me of not leaving me alone
    Holding my hand in yours

    It's not this way
    But try to understand

    And I left her this way...

    She never tried to contact me
    Nor did I

    Not that we didn't love each other enough
    But she respected my views after all
    And don't you think I was at fault..

    Here I am done with my poem. But this sound so similar to my story.

    Where could she be?
    My rose.

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