• khushikapoor8080 10w

    From Goodbye to Hi

    Since the morning, I am missing your text saying HI;
    Because unlike others, I know it ain't the final GOODBYE.

    They say you're gone forever,
    I ask them to be quite;
    Cause I can explain them never,
    That we meet eachother every night.

    They say ,"you're in shock, because of his death."
    "STAY MUM" I reply, because I feel your breath.

    How does it make a difference that you are visible to them or not?
    Leave this aside, for you today, a new shirt I bought.

    They cried alot, thinking you'd never come back,
    Come home now, your presence do lack.

    Take it serious, move back fast;
    Otherwise you'll cry, on my day 'last'.

    They didn't give me a chance to say you GOODBYE,
    This is the reason, just to me, you meet and say HI.