• saniyakhan123 6w

    This is the story of my darkness.

    So listen to the words I write
    The unheard emotions which prevail inside.
    I once told the story of my death
    Engulfed in the warmth of my wealth

    So listen to the child, matured before her age
    With no friends alone in an isolated cage
    Did you listened to the screams of her heart
    Oh sorry you were busy tearing her apart

    So listen to that 14-year-old teen
    With anxieties in her barren hand
    Soo silent and lost within
    Betrayed and stabbed in her land.

    So listen to that 16-year-old girl
    With so many stories unheard
    Her body was a slave of your words
    When she was struggling in a deadly swirl

    So listen to that 20-year-old adult
    Lost in the grave of her past
    The Clouds moaned and the land choked
    But the wind sang the stories she wrote.

    So listen to the unheard version of yourself...

    Saniya khan