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    Mothers are wonderful, aren't they??
    For they are selfless yet can be selfish for their children ��
    They work without a holiday or a single complaint
    Demanding nothing just for us to be well
    We cannot repay her not now nor ever
    For her love is invaluable like herself ������

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    The ink to my pen
    She is rhythm of my poetry
    Essence of my life
    She is a porter and I her pottery

    Tied with umbilical cord
    We connect by heart
    Her beats dance with mine
    Of her engima I am a little part

    Standing tall amidst the storm
    she is eye of the cyclone
    Tranquility amidst chaos
    She is my safe home

    Holding her fingers
    I learnt to walk
    Enticed by her dancing words
    I begin to talk

    With an unwavering smile
    Her blessings cast evils aside
    My superhero with bangels
    She is my ideal my pride

    Lady of the house
    Working 24/7 without a break
    Of our racing lives
    She is the ultimate break

    Words don't justice her well
    For she is ordinary yet so ornate
    Gentle version of God himself
    She is selfless yet no saint...