• merkywrites 6w


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    It's a lot to take in when you are peaking
    It's a lot to take in when you are as high as the ceiling
    But the little hidden fear at the back of your mind
    The fear to which you decide to go blind

    The drop...the day you don't matter
    The day it all ends...The day that dream is in tatters
    The day your feelings no longer seem to matter...
    .that day...your heart just might shatter

    Thats the point you'll hear em say...I'm tired
    Exhausted and burnt out...just smoke no more fire
    Devoid of joy
    No reserves to deploy

    The essence of your fight is all finished and drained
    Wasted...and for what?..a taste of Fame??
    At the end of the day really...It never is worth it
    Sometimes it may be though....It's all an issue of a little courage