• kennydondordkhar 5w

    That Smile

    I'd sit in one corner so I could read your lips
    I'd get so lost in it, yet I'm still left unnoticed
    It kinda hurts sometimes but it's also a relief
    Atleast I won't be the reason if you decided to leave

    I know this would be awkward but that smile
    They're like rainbows and unicorns and it might take a while
    Or so I thought, but turns out I'm wrong
    Truth is I'm never really over it and it's been that long

    How you stretched those edges paving way for your teeth
    It gets me like 'It's gonna be one fine morning' even when I don't get enough sleep
    Only God knows that you got me under certain heat
    The rest of it is secret that I doubt I could keep

    So infectious is your smile that it makes me run out of breath
    I know I might sound exaggerating but that's how rain gets me wet
    I hope I could live in this madness when I'm out of better days
    Even pain would be worth it because your smile has its way