• shegram 5w

    Montezuma Quail

    This handsome jock is the kicker
    for one of the two, rival teams in
    flap seed, a lot like American
    football, only no foot, and no ball
    This game is, You guessed it,
    "flapping and flying with a seed"
    The one with the most seeds in
    their nest at the end of 15 flap
    laps, is the groups stud, til the next
    game. This is not as easy as it
    sounds, cause other flock members
    are spinning and spiralling for
    distraction. Their helmets are built in,
    so they are prepared if an impromptu
    challenge for studship, should be made.
    Their behavior is rather foolish, so they
    are also called Fool Quail. After a few
    good flybys and smashing into trees,
    it is safe to assume most have permanent
    concussions, and are not operating on
    full wing and bird brain capacity.
    Approach with caution.

    Picture credit to rightful owner


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