• waleboluwatife 5w


    You will miss those days.
    Like the gust of wind that twirls violently, you'll be plunged into reminiscence - of times when our presence was a bond.
    And laughing, talking and walking together was gold.

    You'll seek bail for the sweet memories locked away in your past.
    But, No bail. LOCKED...LOCKED AWAY!
    To be forever engraved on the door of your heart.

    Sweet injuries inflicted all over your heart from over thinking.
    Hoping you could turn back the hands of time and really cherish those times with those wonderful people.

    Alas, you will concede yourself to the reality of your present.
    And for every breath you will take, a whisper loud enough to be heard, saying, "Cherish your friends, show that you love them and how much they mean to you. Show it, because you are all riding on the vehicle of time, and we are seconds away from alighting"

    © Mickey