• swastikmohanty 5w

    Tale of a dying man

    Each moment reminded
    him of the truth
    horrible and bitter
    That his body will soon
    melt into nothingness
    and his soul no more glitter.
    He should have peeped into it's depth
    When it still had it's glow,
    For now it will be forever dark
    The sun is getting low.

    He wishes to smell the flowers on roadside
    and feel the wind a bit more,
    to sense the waves touching his feet
    sitting on sea's shore.
    He should have dared some fun
    and risked to sail against the flow,
    For now the lights will fade
    The sun is getting low.

    He should have taken
    a break from being busy
    and stopped for a while,
    to draw a big laugh in his face
    and make the person near him smile.
    Life is not to be devoured quick
    it needs to be tasted slow
    For now darkness will reign
    The sun is getting low.

    He yearned for selfless love
    longed for someone's care,
    with all those whom he loved
    he wished some moments to share.
    As no-one can be escaped
    from death's mighty blow,
    For now the end is near
    The sun is getting low.